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Microcurrent Face Toner

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Skincare starts beneath the surface

As we age, our body's natural current slowly starts to breach down, causing billowing skin, accident of curve and the actualization of wrinkles. Microcurrent re-energizes your skin’s natural current as it slows with age. This addition of activity travels beyond the surface of the bark to advice abode signs of aging, instantly and over time.

Take ascendancy of your face

Combine our Microcurrent Facial Toner with any facial gel or mineral oil to effectively tone, lift and contour your facial muscles

Take your lift to the abutting level

The Microcurrent Facial Toner lifts the facial anatomy while abbreviation the actualization of accomplished curve and wrinkles. Stimulate your facial muscles with the advice of microcurrent technology. A complete conditioning for your face!

How To Use

1. Cleanse your bark with an oil-free cleanser, removing any makeup, oils and impurities.

2. Apply any facial gel or mineral oil to your face and beating into your apple-pie bark until absolutely absorbed.

3. Perform glides/holds application the Microcurrent Facial Toner targeting altered areas of the face.

4. For the aboriginal 60 days, we acclaim application your accessory 5x per anniversary for 5 minutes. Afterwards that, 2-3x per anniversary for maintenance. Bendability is key for optimal results!

What's included

Microcurrent Facial Toner -

  • 1x - Microcurrent Facial Toner
  • 1x - USB Cable

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