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InstaWhite™ Teeth Whitening Pen

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White teeth for a ablaze smile.

Our whitening pen accomplish whitening your teeth quick and easy.

Attention: due to aerial appeal and going viral on amusing media, get your InstaWhite™ Teeth Whitening Pen now to ensure you get castigation afore we run out of stock.

Why it's essential:

  • Having a admirable smile is capital for your self-confidence.
  • White teeth are an important adorableness feature
  • Easy to use, administer for 5 account and see the results!

    No charge to absorb a lot of money on teeth whitening! Administer the whitening pen for 5 minutes, you will see bright results, your teeth will be whiter and more beautiful.

    How to use the pen?

    1. Twist the abject of the pen twenty times or until the gel has been abundantly broadcast on the brush.
    2. Using the brush, besom your teeth with the whitening agent.
    3. Leave in abode for bristles minutes.
    4. After bristles minutes, bathe the gel off with water.
    5. Use it on the go for appropriate occasions!

        The whitening pen contains excellent extracts to accord a beginning activity during application.
        Whitening is due to these ingredients: Glycerin, Aqua, artificial gum, sodium chloride, EDTA, citric acid, L-Menthol.


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